Two weeks ago Joel’s son Josh got married (Congrats Joshua & Katie!) I was able to go to the reception for a bit, it was fun, but made me miss Joel so much again. Of course I forgot to leave the card with the gift. When I got to the reception it was beginning to pour, and they move all the gifts inside, so I just never made it in. (It was an outside reception) This week I finally dropped the card off for them, so I had called Josh to let him know, and it was like speaking to Joel, which totally freaked me out. We were getting ready to hang up & he said, ‘I gotta get back to it’ which is a total Joel line he would say all the time. It was so weird hearing Josh say that, who sounds like Joel. So it could be the crazy baby hormones, but that led me to tears for the car ride home.

Joel is laughing at me now from somewhere with these three sassy girls. His favorite age is what Jesse is now & I just know he would be loving the sas I get from her each day. I am sure he would be pleased with how much Grace talks back too!
I miss him so much.

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