I ventured out today with these 4 little people i adore… it was a SUCCESS!
Alot went into this outing:
1. Shower myself not forgetting to brush my teeth
2. Lay out clothes for 3 older ones
3. Give Mae a wash down
4. Get Mae dressed
5. Feed Mae
6. Ensure oldest 2 got dressed
7. Get J dressed
8. Go back and dry my own hair
9. Brush Wyatt’s and Jesse teeth (they cannot be trusted)
10. Cleaned the sink in their bathroom as I realized how dirty it is while brushing teeth, whcih lead me to clean the rest of the bathroom.
11. J’s hair
12. My hair
45 minutes later then planned we successfully left the house! I had everything I needed for our trip to the library and the grocery store.
As I am pulling into the library parking spot, Wyatt says to me…’what are we doing at this library? This is the most boring library! We need to go to the Berea or Strongsville one’ Grace chimes in with a ‘yeah mom, we do not go to this library’ Rookie stay at home mom mistake, taking the kids to the wrong library.
I then drive to the Strongsville library, get everyone out and we walk into the library and immediately I was awestruck by my children! Inside the library they were quite, spoke in quite voices, walked to their respective areas to select the 2 books and 2 videos they were told they could choose. All 3 waited in line patiently, while the librarian was socializing, to have their summer passports stamped, filled out their own applications (the oldest 2) for a library card, signed their names (very officially i might add) on the back of the card when they were handed to them, and then checked their books out with their own cards (they have always used mine or Grandma’s up until today). It was amazing to me, how old and well behaved they were, not that I was expecting unruly crazy kids, but I was shocked at how they had great library behavior. Mae, slept the whole time.
Next up…the grocery store, I made it through with all 4 and no one went to the Eagle’s Nest! It was great, again I was amazed on how they all stuck by me and were not running round like crazy people! I did purchase 4 more boxes of pure sugar cereal for them, I have a cereal weakness.
Mae, slept the whole time.
A quick Starbucks stop, ok I admit it I left them all in the car while i ran in for my drink.
then home…a successful outing, I was amazed with myself!
New baby conversations people strike up with me crack me up! It always starts with the typical questions, well they ask a questions, but never wait for an answer and ask them as a statement not as a question:
  • ‘ohhhh look at the baby. How old?’
  • ‘Look at all that hair! you must have had heartburn?’
  • ‘she is so little! are you sure that is what she weighs?’
Then it leads into the stats on their own kids (please keep in mind I have no clue who these people are):
  • how much they weighed at birth
  • if they were born C-section or natural (sometimes they do not use the word natural…creepy)
  • how long labor was

Then it turns back to me:

  • how am I feeding the child
  • has my milk come in? SERIOUSLY…you just asked me that at the library??? Where is it coming from? Is it backordered somewhere and I am waiting for it to come in?
  • how are things healing. Yep really, that one from a creepy guy
and even more I will not subject my 1-2 blog readers with. It just amazes me.
I realize they probably always mean well, just trying to make conversation, but I am not a real talk to stranger and share my birth story with you kind of girl.
When we successfully got home Wyatt was digging through the library bag looking for his new library card, he wanted to take it across the street to show his new pal Pat, he is so proud of HIS library card.
My first full day ended well, everyone tucked in bed, maybe not all sleeping, but a successful day as a stay at home mom.

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