What I do not want to forget…

  • the noise the fetal monitor makes
  • the feel of the contractions
  • the nervous feeling i get when they stick me
  • the nervous chatter with the epideral guy
  • the happiness when they tell you ‘your staying’
  • when the water breaks
  • the excitement when they set up the ‘table’
  • the excitement when they set up the baby warmer
  • my baby playlist
  • my blue sports bra
  • the ugly hospital gown
  • the cold packs
  • how hungry i am and the meal after
  • when Todd tells me if it is a girl or boy
  • that first cry
  • that sweet smell
  • holding them close first
  • kissing them
  • watching the nurse weigh them
  • the dead weight of my legs
  • push
  • don’t push
  • it is right there
  • wow lots of hair
  • the cry
  • the slime
  • the small little feet and hands
  • the cord
  • the middle of the night in the hospital, I am so tired but cant sleep, just holding them looking at them
  • the shower
  • the pain when they first nurse
  • the contractions that happen still the next day
  • not sleeping the last month
  • flipping side to side all night trying to get comfy
  • waiting for labor to begin
  • waiting for my water to break
  • walking…walking…walking
  • the brothers and sisters meeting her for the first time
  • the looks on their faces
  • the middle of the nights feedings
  • how tired i am in the middle of the night but do not care
  • wearing real clothes again
  • newborn diapers
  • the hospital blanket
  • ginger ale
  • getting ready to go home
  • going home, all those people driving on the road like it is any other day. Don’t they know I am bring my new baby home!
  • the band aids and tape marks the next day
  • the car seat
  • the burp clothes
  • the pain
  • the spider veins
  • the veracious veins
  • timing everything
  • the over powering feeling of love
  • the doctor
  • thankfulness
  • tiny diapers
  • how HUGE Jesse looks, I just sit a stare at her at night!

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