37 weeks

I am right in the middle of 37 weeks pregnant, and although i am uncomfortable, have cankles, VERY crabby, cant breath, spider veins, my fingers look like sausages, i pee at least 6 times every night, can’t sleep, cant get comfortable, am out of clothes, and tons of other ailments, I am trying to embrace it.

Mainly because I know this is the last time I will feel this way, as annoying as it is and as much as i am ready for this little person to come out, I am trying to just take it in and remember it all. Part of me is concerned labor will go to quick…and i will miss that anticipation of him or her being born. I want to be able to remember every little detail cause it will be the last one. I already know all the little milestones this new baby will have will break my heart a little bit as I will not have a little newborn again. I am very certain that this is the last one, and feel i have been blessed beyond measure with my little beasts…but I am sad that this phase is almost over.
I am looking forward to the next phases though, my kids will adapt to the changes, they will grow up and have new experiences and milestones that will make me so proud and break my heart. I am ready for those. But for now…i just want to hold this little moment in time when i feel this little dude flipping around and kicking me, a knee, a foot, whatever it is.

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