Bad Blogger

What a bad blogger I am…I will get over it.

I can say up until today, since we have returned form our rainy vacation it has NOT rained only 4-5 days. I am so sick of rain. I love spring, I love planting the flowers, cleaning out ‘stuff’, opening the windows, hearing the birds in the am, feeling the sunshine, taking a spring run, all of it. I have not done any of it, and I am annoyed!
Speaking of running, today is the Cleveland Marathon and Half. It kind of bums me out that I am not there, but I am hopeful next year, and it is rainy and 40 degrees right now, so I am not that upset.
The grass has gotten cut once, the kids ran and chased their dad doing it, so the end result was green shoes and feet!
even Chewy had green paws!
NSD came and passed, I did scrap one page that day, I just felt I had to and it made me miss it SO much! I say over and over I am going to get back into it, I just cant get the time!
that second LO was scraplifted from Jenni Bowlin’s site. I love that pic of Grace, it is old but I love it. Speaking of Grace, I have had some conversations with her as of late, she is getting so old and she is so wise. I love her candor and it makes me laugh that she gets things and they just don’t bother her. She does so well in school and that just astounds me every time she brings home another challenge. I think because I was not that great of a student, (I am now though) so the fact she works hard and it pays off for her makes me so proud. Each note I get from her teacher and each report card just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and I must admit, not much makes me warm and fuzzy.
This sweet girl will be 3 in two weeks…WHERE is time going???
I really hope it stops raining soon 😦

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