beginning to look like Christmas…

Each year i am so annoyed by my christmas decorations, this year is just the same. Although I am happy with how this turned out. We had a ‘treat calendar’ to count down to Christmas the past few years I had made, it was fun but this year I wanted a re-haul. So, I headed to Target with something in mind and came back with these instead! 25 little mittens, I stamped 1-25 on them and hung them from the mantle. I added some little treats in each mitten for each day and a new count down to christmas! And I had it completed by December 3rd, that isn’t too bad I thought. In the picture at the end you can see our little pal George. He is our elf from the Elf on the Shelf and the kids LOVE him! Even J wakes up each morning and races down to see where George will be that day. It hasn’t really helped with the behavior but it is cute. What has helped with the behavior is 123 Magic, last week the kids were out of control! It was mayhem! So instead of reading Harry Potter and finishing the last chapter of book 2 we switched over to 123 magic and it is really making a difference. The fact they are not watching TV after school or playing on the computer I am sure is beneficial as well, but the 123 magic really helps! It is also VERY funny to watch Wyatt lay in bed with his hands over his ears because he is ‘not listening to this book that is not even about magic’. He is protesting until we get back to Harry Potter.
We have two tree’s up
the cute skinny tree with the bulbs I like, and then the bigger front tree with the mix of ornaments all over it. Although I love the big tree, it drives me crazy as things do not match and there is no order to anything on it. Therefore the little skinny tree sits next to me each night.
Tonight…Christmas cards…just as soon as I dig out the scrapping room.
I may even throw in a layout or two this week.

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