1. running makes me feel so much better
2. i hate the anticipation of getting ready to run
3. it makes me get up at 430am for long runs on the weekends
4. i feel so good when i am finished
5. i have made amazing friends running
6. it has made me a better parent
7. it helps me to think & reflect
8. this picture is of my old shoes, i love my new shoes!
9. getting in the shower with chaffing burns terribly!
10. when the salt drips in your eyes it burns but is a good burn
11. i will not wear compression socks
12. i am not fast nor do i have any desire to be
13. i feel naked without my water bottle
14. i lost my toenail
15. i got a fresh pedicure since i lost my toenail
16. Peanut sweet & salty bars ROCK!
17. i have gone through 2 ipods over the past 2 months
18. todd will never understand how happy running makes me
19. my knees can tell me when the weather is changing
20. i am SO thankful my running pals let me join their ‘circle’, it has changed me in so many great ways!

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