bloggin again

I’m back and the problem was google…annoying. I could not remember my eblogger password for the life of me! They would only email it to an old email account I no longer had access too…SO annoying! So i had to reactivate my old email by paying $12.95 to get my password, if not i would have had to create a new free blog. Crazy.

It is summer, well summer is winding down, I just love summer. I love the heat, I love it when you step outside and you can’t breath heat, it hasnt been like that in a few days and I have a feeling we may not have many more of those days left this summer. The kids head back to school in a few weeks. They have had a great summer at home with Grandma. They have been very busy with swimming, piano, library, parks and tons of fun stuff. They both played baseball
and had fun. Grace’s team was a great experience for her, excellent coaches, all her friends & she even made a few plays and had a couple hits!
July 4th was fun!
The older 2 kids were in the parade with their baseball teams & this little girl was just cute.
Our sweet little pal Colin was learning to get steady on his feet.
We had a great firework display here at home thanks to the neighbors. We had friends & family over to BBQ and it was just a good amount of fun!
We spent a few days up at the lake with the Connelly’s, SO fun. The kids love that they are with their best pals and we love hanging out. They went on the jet ski’s, made smores, all that fun stuff.
And look at these two beer drinkers…
they are enjoying little bottles of bud & bud light. (at least they chose their father’s favorite brands) & look they are both just like their dads…they become dancers after a few drinks!
no need to call children services, they are little bottles that belong to a checker set, but cute none the less!
I have just finished up walking the Susan G Komen 3 Day, that is such a great experience. This year Aunt Kathy & I walked with a Team! There were 6 of us total and SO much fun. We had a great time and injury free! I got blisters pretty bad but Aunt Kath moves through like a trooper. It is such a great experience and so well ran.
More to post later…now that i have my password!

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