Hilton Head

We had a great Hilton Head vacation over Spring Break! We were lucky enough to have a house in a perfect location. We stayed at 4 Dinghy in Palmetto Dunes and we will defiantly be heading back next year! The location was perfect and we could not have asked for a more accommodating experience with Luann the owner, she did everything to make our stay enjoyable!

We took so many pictures at her beach home one night, just trying to get a good shot. We are just not a photogenic group…but they are great memories!
The kids loved playing on the beach, of course.
and I really could get used to running on the beach each AM.
We had a pool at the house as well which was a great convenience. The kids loved it! Jesse had a blast just jumping in, she had no fear which was no surprise. She was swimming to the side in not time and getting out by the steps and jumping right back in. My kids are like fish…they love the water.
Wyatt of course drinks too much water when he is in the pool…
(sorry Luann!)
The Peters & The Nanasys were there at the same time we were, we rode our bikes down the beach to spend sometime with them
We went to Harbor Town for the day and played at the park, had lunch with everyone, climbed to the top of the lighthouse & enjoyed ice cream at the salty dog.
The kids really enjoyed the ‘clubhouse’ it was a great spot for them to hang out!
We had breakfast on the beach one morning to watch the sun come up, we went down really early with flashlight (i was scared to death, i have watched to many episodes of CSI Miami) but it was beautifule watching the stars go out, the moon go down, and the sun come up. The kids loved it…well they probably loved it for the doughnuts.
We just had an overall great vacation spending time relaxing and being together. We needed it and will be back again next year!

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