What a productive day today has been! Grace had spent the night at her friends so after we picked her up it was right to the grocery, although it is a chore getting through with 3 crabby kids if it is done early it is so much better then sitting around dreading to go. After the grocery is the harder part of putting it away, and purging all the stuff from the week before that wasn’t used (so annoying). I volunteered on Friday at the food bank which made me feel more guilty about the amount of food we throw away. it is awful. I was able to work on a few more projects this afternoon which made me happy, it is good to accomplish things that you want to get completed.

Here is one more card i finished with the Jenni Bowlin cards, I really like this one with my pal Joel on it.

I played with the glitter mist today and boy was it fun. I was able to take the boring old frames that i had the kids pictures in and make them look great! I just glitter misted the mats and then added ribbon around them. It was so easy and fun to do!
here are the frames before, sorry the reflection from the backyard comes through, but you get the idea…boring Ikea frames:

you can still see a little of the reflection, but again, you get the idea. I love them!
Have a great week!

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