Good bye Joel

I lost my friend today, i lost him entirely too soon and very quickly. One week ago i was walking with him talking about how he was going to attack the cancer to try to beat it…one week later he is gone. Joel is the strongest person I know and he was the strongest at the end, fighting the disease to make the most for those around him, only thinking of others never himself. His girlfriend, his kids, his family he was trying to make everything easier on them. He asked me last week ‘What can I do for you?’ I love Joel with all my being, he was so dear to me and each day without him will get easier but i will never loose each cherished memory i have of him. My heart is broken and i am so so sad, but i am also grateful. I am grateful that i spent over 20 years of my life as his friend, grateful i was able to sit with him today and hold his hand, and grateful of every moment i spent with him. i love you Joel…

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