An extra hour

in my day was exactly what i needed today! It actually gave me time to post! I am so behind on everything but i sort of feel like this weekend i may have made a dent.
First let me post about my sweet little Jesse.
this picture was taken a few weeks ago when she was four months, she just turned five months on the 30th. She is such a great baby. She eats all her veggies & fruit now and is getting so big, it makes me so sad but i do love it. She has the little rolls in her arms she is so thick, and those cheeks are the best. She smiles all the times and talks and coo’s. I can never get enought of her talking and smiling. Each morning when i go into her room she is so happy and ‘talking’ so sweet. She is almost sitting up but not quite yet, when she is sitting in her seat lisa got her she looks like such a big girl. She is such a joy!

wyatt turned 4 in the beinging of the month, he is getting so big and seems so old to me now.

here he is with grandma on his birthday. He is all boy and CRAZY i cannot stress that enough. Then he turns so sweet (or he really just know how to play me) he will being as nutty as he can be and then just turn to me and grin his sweet grin and say ‘mam, i love you’ He is writing his name well now and learning so much each day in the blue room. His teachers are so great, wyatt learns so much in his crazy little way and they are so patient with him and truly do love him and his ways. I am so proud of him.

My big girl turned six this week…dang this really kills me.
Each day with her is adventure. She is a kindergartener and so smart, really amazes me. She has learned to read and listening to her read just is amazing to me. I look at her and think how can she be old enought to do all this. I get excellent reports from miss catililn each week and all her papers come back perfect. I can’t ask for anything more from her in school!

This pic is from disney. She had a special day and went to the bippity boppity boutique, she was totally in her element there! She got her hair, nails and make up done and then got to go eat at cinderellas royal table. It was so fun.
I am just hoping to scrap it someday. This past friday on halloween i realized what a slacker i have been on scrapping. I have not even done halloween from 2 years ago! My mission this week is to get the scrappin room cleaned. I have big plans for it in the coming year!
I have told tood i am doing what i can to get this house a little closer to the way i lwant it to be. Tha means moving the scrapping/computer into the front room or ‘tree room’ as wel call it. Right now it is just basically a sitting room that the kids play in and then i have to move all the toys they drag in back to the nasement, as well as all the other junk and misc. stuff that gets put in there. I want to turn this room into the computer/scrappin room and then the scrappin room into a ‘cubby’ room. I want to make cubbies or cabinets for everyone to drop all their stuff into when they get home, again less maybe i will have to pick up and put into the right stuff. The kids are good about hanging up their stuff but if i didnt have to see it it would even be better. I cant wait to get started on this project. This all of course means i will have to keep working at the oriole, which bums me out but im going to work with jenny now so that is fun.
Tomorrow is Todd’s 35th b-day!
happy birthday to him!
When i figure out how to upload all my pics from disny on here as a seperate page i will do so. There is so many and that will be a great post here someday!

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