S{crap} Room

i stole that s{CRAP} room from Kim L. blog…that is how i feel about my scrappin room right now. It looks like a bomb went off in there, so today i am cleaning it, so i am putting it of by posting to the blog instead. I am going to get things accomplished in here today though.
Brooke & I are having a garage sale in a few weeks and i am selling a TON of scrappin stuff. Stuff i KNOW i wont ever use so i need to clean this junk out!
Besides putting off cleaning… I have been just sitting around looking at Jesse. I have gone out and about some but that is what my day consists of mostly. She is getting chubby already her little arms have rolls on them and she has a bunch of chins now. Her cord fell off last week so we gave her a bath last night, she actually didnt scream she just sat there looking at all of us! She made the big jump to size 1 diapers from newborn, those were getting a little snug. All of these little milestones just break my heart cause she is getting bigger.
here she is after the tub…so sweet.
Since Kristin doesnt live near me and she cannot take pictures of my kids I had to have someone else do it. Jim came over when Jesse was one week and got some great shots of the kids
he will come to you if you want which was a HUGE bonus for me! the thought of taking all three of them somehwere to have pictures taken…ugh!
i am going to go and clean something now.

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