Pre School Grad!

There she is my graduate…so proud! she cracks me up when we got there she asked me not to cry, which i so did not. She is such a good kid in school and that makes me so proud, she is smart, which i love! I know every parent thinks thier kid is the smartest but really she is smart! Anyway Grace graduated on Thursday night she is on to kindergarten in the fall.

In the meantime we have been waiting for our next one to come along. See that cute little baby floating on the side of the blog saying 9 days left…feel free to come out now! I am SO done with this pregnent thing…I have cleaned each base board in my home on my hands and knees, cleaned the basement out, moved boxes to brookes, washed cars, vacuumed cars, walked MILES.

This happens to me each time at the end, i am SO crabby, so tired, all the pains everything i dont think i can take it one more day. I wake up each morning angry i am still pregnent. I walk and walk and walk and all it gets me is blisters. Each day i think today is the day and NOTHING… I go to the dr. wednesday so i will see then again.

We have actually had a very productive weekend and fun staying at home! It is beautiful out and the kids have been to the park four times so it has been great!

My brother Rob was here last week, it was so awesome for him to be able to be here and see my kids and just have him around a little. It is always the same which is so weird to me, but i havent seen him in 5 years and it is just the same. We all went to Cedar Point and it was fun. I walked around the whole park with wyatt and went on kiddie rides while Todd, Rob and Grace went on all the coasters. YES grace was a roller coaster Freak! She went on them all, she was exactly tall enough and i was just amazed each time she went on another, she loved it! My 5 year old was on the biggest, fastest, tallest roller coasters around, she rode them all, The Corkscrew, The Magnum, The Mean Streak, even The Millenium Force.

wyatt drove me around in the charlie brown jeep, it went about 3 mph ThRIllInG! Maria walked around with us so her and wyatt got to go on the JR. Gemini five times in a row cause there was no line…so cool! It was a GREAT day though, so nice out not crowded we did have a bunch of fun!

The CAVS were in the playoffs while Rob was here, that was a bonus. He got to go to the home games and we had our ‘Big Game’ parties at home. I love when the CAVS are in the playoffs, but i get so angry! If that didnt put me into labor or break my water nothing will. Boston is a good team, i said that from the begining though, i just think they are good, and play GREAT defense.

The kids get so into the games to though which makes it just as much fun. See howmuch fun Wyatt is having…
really we do have fun during the games though, we eat popcorn, get out the hoop, write all over the windows. It is fun!
So it is back to work on tuesday, unless i have this kid before then. I will keep posting, or try to anyway!

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  1. Was thinking about you and wondering if you had pop’d that baby out yet!!! 6 days left on the counter. wishing you the best!Kim


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