so tired/ultrasound

Today I am so tired..have you ever had those days?
I have been working so hard at work getting ready for a HUGE test i had, so i took it tues. and they told me first thing when i got there this morning i failed… you needed a 90% to pass and i did not get it. So as these two really nice guys are sitting there telling me about what i had problems with it is taking everything in my being not to cry, i started to but held it back until they were done. what an iodiot i am, i could just not stop crying. Then i have to go back into my class (with everyone who passed the test) and get ready for the electronic test. you guessed it failed that one also.
i think i was just meant to be a bartender.. i never cry all day when i am bartending.

After all that i had my ultrasound today. i was so exhausted from crying it was nice just to lay down for an hour and watch my little baby wiggle around. so amazing to see its little body parts move around and how active it was. I did not look for the one body part most everyone wants to know about. I did not find out again what i am having. We will all find out in about 17 weeks…but whos counting. now i have to figure out a name.

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