lots going on

i have been a bad blogger, i am a blog stalker so i so do not like bad bloggers!
these are no excuses but just a few reason i ave been so bad at blogging.

first off i am pregnent again, most of you probably know that BUT i am not a happy glowy, pregnent person. i am chubby, crabby, tired, non motivated pregnent person. I am starting to feel a little more motivated though begining with yesterday!

I have been reading so many blogs that are so inspiring it made me want to snap out of it and get moving! So thank you ali edwards for this…Stacey Julian & Cathy Z. for this, it is so helping me be organized for this crazy month of December. I did find some inspiration in those over the past few weeks! What is so inspiring latley is Tim Holtz’ blog man that dude is AMAZING. I so plan on sitting down and working on a tag album of these! I did order these two things from The Anywhere Studio which i cant wait to work on!

second i am back in school, i started in october but now i am in my last 3 weeks for this quarter and algebra 11 is kicking my ass! really i never learned it the first time so why would i learn it now 15 years out~ seriously there is no way i am going to need it. i am so lost. i just need to get through the rest of the class. My religions of the world class i am actually loving. i think the others in the class get irritated by my responses but oh well.

it is cold and snowing now…basically that makes me VERY non motivated. It is Christmas Ale season and i cannot have a one, that seems to be bumming me out.

A good thing though…probably the best thing that has happened to me latley(of course my little baby coming is a great thing), but this has been why i am getting motivated, organized, happy etc is I got a NEW GREAT job!
I start at the 17th and am so looking foward to it! I am excited even a little about how early i am going to have to wake up, this is going to transform me into a morning person! The company is AWESOME the benifits are going to be great and i am going to be a normal working human being. With normal working hours, paycheck, retirement, vacation days, sick days…i could go on forever! It is going to be a huge change for all of us, the kids are going to go into a daycare/school that is right in the company, so i can have lunch/visit with the kids during the day, that makes me feel so much better. i am just concerned about them of course and them adapting well, mainly wyatt he worries me the most. But as my friends have all told me i need to get over it, they will be fine. i just need to be thankful for the 5 years i did spend at home with them ALL day, i am so ready for the daycare! I also am so thankful for this job, it is a hard company to get into so i am extremly grateful and ready to work and learn.

now i need to shop for clothes…so hard when you are cubby…

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