so long

since i posted on the blog… and SO much has been happening! first off i am not proof reading this post so if i am missing letters figure it out, you know why!

we had a big party for my moms 60th. it was a good time tons of work so glad it was fun. Kelly helped me imensely even though she tried to burn down my house.
My nephew Ian was great and arranged all the kids on the climber and took a pic. Amazing, he did this all on is own and it is a great pic of that many kids! Way to go Ian!
sorry didnt flip the picture so flip your head.
then we moved into Graces 5th b-day! We went to Boo at the Zoo on her day. It was fun, wewe, g. holly, grandma, meg, olivia, maddie, chris & becca. The kids liked it, it is always fun walking around the zoo especially at night!
After that was Halloween and pumpkin carving. I do not do the pumpkin carving thing, not much for ripping the guts out, apparently my kids are not either, todd did most of the work.
the next day was halloween, grace had a party at school so she was pretty much a pirate all day! We went trick or treating with connelly/odon and the kids had fun!
it was odd trick or treating in the day light but it did get dark.
they both were pirates but grace a ‘pink princess pirate’ and she let you know that. Speaking of pink the HOT pink cast came off today! We thought she was going to get the pins taken out of her arm but the doc. decided it still need to heal so she has two more weeks with a RED cast. I tried so hard to get er to pick blue, but Grace was stuck on red. It is a good red though, not bright! When dave took the cast off we both got to see the pins and i think we both were about to pass out. it was freaky. he covered them up for us because she had to go to x-ray and i was nervouse about walking around with them just sticking out. So two more weeks.
Saturday we went to see the BEE movie, if you like Seinfield you will like the movie it is all him. after we went to eat cause it was todd’s b-day and he wanted prime rib. Then we watched American Gangster. WOW it was so good. I wanted to see it cause i saw the guy on dateline. I love movies that are someones real life and then they make it into a movie, i always want to know more at the end though. It always bums me out when it is over and i have so many more questions. for example…where does he live now? did he ever get is wife back? Does he ave threats on his life cause he took so many cops down with him? i need to know more!
if you know any answers please let me know!
SATURDAY i am cropping all day at SCRAPTACULAR! yeah! call and reserve your spot 440.934.4939. i love 12 hour crops. i usually get ohhh about 8 pages done, ow lame is that. I am going in with a specific project though, i will post it if i complete it! I migt even try to get 2 projects done.
I have lots of projects to update on this blog. I will get on it soon!

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