day 6

day 6 is finished. i was bummed out about this day of the challenge because i did nothing that day. It was Friday Sept. 21.
i stamped a big nothing in green as you can see.
i had finished working doubles 3 days prior and had to work that night so that afternoon i napped (i think). although i am a week behind posting my challenge layouts i am feeling glad i am keeping up with it.
Today we had Wyatt’s Third Birthday Party!
he is not three until tuesday but today was a little party with the grandparents, we-we, loelie, & the peters. he had fun…this kid is crazy, CRAZY, CrAZy!.
from the minutte he wakes up…just amazes me.
Another amazing thing i this one…
really, she is the sassiest thing EVER! i have no dang clue what to do with her. fit throwing, crazy talking, sassy, sweet girl.
some days i think i am calling joe frost in for help, i have 20 more years of arguing with this girl?!? this will be my nervous break down.
the problem is SHE is ME through and through…SO scary!
she has her dads ‘smarts’ and my attitude.
if any of you believe in the power of prayer…help me out.
isnt there someone you pray to when you loose something? (barb?) pray this girl finds a new AtTITudE!…i know i know i love her to death blah blah blah.

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