spelling & puncuation

i have to give a little explaniation on why my spelling and puncuation is on horrible on tis blog. MY SON… that is the reason. First i need to tell you i have always been a pretty good speller. English (spelling included) was really the only subject in school i liked. My mom, my brother Rob and I used to play spelling basketball each thursday night, Dave Pheneger also used to love to play that game with us. SO i always really liked spelling. Then in high school my first 2 years i had the BeST english teacher Mrs. Sedley. She rocked and still does. She also is so sarcastic and funny. She also has 3 boys…and they are 100% boy 2 of them being twins, i babysat for them i know how crazy boy they are. i still cannot tell them apart, i still keep in touch with her to this day. So english and spelling have always been good to me.
ANYWAY my computer is from 1994…seriously i bought it after i bought my first house. Pete (my dad) put it on the company credit card and took $50.00 out of each pay until it was paid off, (so it was a write off i am sure) i really paid him back for it though. Well about a year ago he (pete) had two laptop computers at the office he was going to throw away i begged him to let me have one, VERY relucently he let me have one, i really had to beg him for a 1997 computer he was about to put into a dumpster. The laptop then became the ‘new’ computer then until wyatt was able to get up into the chair on the office. He started picking the keys off the keyboard. first it was a few, then a few more. eac time he would sneak into this room and pick more off it got a little more irritating. ten one day e went wild, well a little wildier then usual i should say. he got 80% of the keys off…i hade no space key, the whole top line of ‘qwertyuiop[]\’ was gone and about 3/4 of the bottom. Thereforeeverythingwasinonesentenceandhalfthelettersdidntshowup.
So we brought the keyboard up from the 1994 puter in the basement and plugged it into the ‘new’ laptop. Whic leads me to (finally) the keyboard does not work so well on certain letter. for example the h s i r t m n. they seem to stick, i used to try to go back and fix all the mistakes but now i am telling you why it is like this and i am no longer fixing and proof reading…really this is only a blog no one really reads. And if you do i know you can figure out what i am saying through the type O’s.
long story…pretty boring…5 minutes of your life you cannot have back.

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