Lots accomplished in 3 Weeks

FiNALLy! I must show you this amazing wall saying i had made by Lexi from Simply Said. This thing is awesome…i have not finished putting the frames on it but wanted you to see how cool it is. The top says Family it is in white though so it is hard to see. It looks so good on the blue wall and i am going to add some cool old frames i have disteressed as soon as joel calls me back. (that joel…)
Brooke helped me put it onto the wall and we were just so happy with ow it turned out. Lexi i coming to my house so everyone can see what she and her business Simply Said has. October 3rd. So cool you have to come and check it out. It is very addicting…just what i need. This one i wanted to get up right away though cause i was so excited about it! So I may have actually decorated a room or area in my home i should say. It still needs a new rug and a curtain but that will hapeen sometime. Here is the shelf i added on the other side of the window

I have a few more ‘scrappin’ things to add to that shelf but need the weekend to get them accomplished. Also if you look beside that shelf to the right you will see a color on the wall. YeS! All of you that have been bugging me to paint a color in my home it has happened. While i was away last weekend Todd painted the tree room and living room. I must say it did make a huge difference. I like the colors and it does feel a bit more like home. I still am on the fence about this house though. I am trying, maybe if i keep adding things i will like it a little more. But back to the foyer/walk through the front door area. Last weekend i was at Creative Escape. WoW i had such a fun time and hung out with the best roomies. One of the projects we made in Heidi’s class was a canvas wall hanging. It orignially was done in green but i changed it up a little to blue so i could use it in this area. I really do like the way it turned out and i didnt think i would. This picture really doesnt show it to well, but it works.
I am trying to appreciate what i have, focus on that each day and not stress about everyting else. I need to simplify and cut out a lot of things that are in my life that bring me down. I need to focus & remember. Hopefully seeing this I will attempt to do just that.
BACK to the amazing people i met at CE. I must tell you what a difference CE was from thi year to last. This year was so fun with people I had met along the way. I had three other roomates and had so muc fun with them. They are all from NY and just CraCkeD me up! I will say the have very strange sleeping problems (minus you Barb!) i laughed so hard over the 4 days i was there then i have in a long time. You know that belly laugh, i still laugh out loud when i think about some of the stories. Barbara D’Amora wa one of the roomies and after being around her i am inspired at what an amazing person she is. She as started a foundation called the Grace Foundation for Autistic Children & Families. her son Nicholas has autisim and she makes you put a new prespective on things. Like when you are walking around a huge Hotel complex in the 115 degree heat and want to pass out cause you are so irritated she just says “this is nothing my son has autisim” She made me think there are things way bigger then i am worrying about, just another thing i will try to work on. SHe has a huge crop for the Grace foundation in March the i am going to try to help the girls with so watch for stuff on that! I so plan on making the trip to be at this crop, these girls are so fun, they are sarcastic & they swear as bad as I and i LoVe it!
Grace started school while i was gone, i missed the first day felt like the bad mom etc. But it is her second year of preschool and she had the same class & same teachers so i got over it pretty quick. she is good at school and she likes it which makes me happy, now if i could just get her to be good at home.
I have lots more to post…but while try later in the week right now my hair hurts, yes i said my hair, i am not sure why but my hair hurts.

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