We had the BEST vacation lat week at Burt Lake in MI. man i so did not want to come home, which is odd usually on vacation i am ready to come home at the end of the week not this time! the house was great, enough space for all of us, there were 17 total 9 of them being kid! My kids had so much fun, we tubed, jet skiied, i got up on the wave board, swam, swam, swam. man we did so much, so much sun! This lake is so beautiful! The water is crystal clear…so fresh. It felt so good to swim in clean, fresh water! I even did a night swim, which i am so scared of. I am so afraid of fish touching my feet while i am swiming. Then someone tells me there are 8ft. fish in this beautiful lake…good lord i was nervous but i never saw a fish ever, day or night. I even did some physical activity, Stacey and I ran a few times, then one of the days kim drove us out on the boat and we swam back. Apparently that wasnt the smartest idea on our part, some thought we would have gotten run over by a boat because why would a boater be looking for two people swimming through the lake. We swam about a half hour back so we figured we went pretty far and it ended up we didnt swim so far after all. Oh well at least i got some excersise, because i ate and drank enough. Such a great great vacation…did i say that already?

this is a pic of grace tubbing off the jet ski. this was at the sandbar (one of 2 on the lake) this sand bar was cool cause there was a huge drop off right where the color change is in the water. When you hit the darker blue there was about a 40 ft. drop. We could just jump right out into the deep water. Grace loved to swim out there, she is a fish, she loves to swim.

At night we had a few fires & did the whole campfire songs, altough our campfire songs turned into wiggles songs and the kids danced. Wyatts only request several hundred times was for gerry to play the thomas song on the guitar. The kids had a big dance compitition also.

We got home home friday afternoon and i got a quick shower (the first in 8 days, really, i know.) and i had to go back to work, and then had a crazy busy weekend. My friend kelly got married saturday that will be my post for next time. that was super fun also…good pics there.

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