what a week

i have had the craziest week, i think it is just going to stay like this. last week started out great, on monday night i went to the police concert. that was so great. then i worked the rest of the week like mad. i had projects i needed to get started for scraptacular, we had our golf outing for the oriole so i had tons of stuff to get that ready. Thursday i had to go to a meeting at berea city hall, that was VERY nerve wracking & i just had a crazy week at home to top it all off. I think i had a nervous break down about thurday afternoon. I have now bounced back, finishing my projects, and just got caught up on the OC repeats. I must say… I love the OC, i am pretty sure i want to move there now except i want jimmy cooper to be my neighbor. anyway i was so not expecting marissa to die. there i was sitting on my dead guy couch sobbing over the death of marissa cooper. i think it is going to take me sometime to get over this one.
i did go to see elenore today, she is the greatest “reader” (i am not so sure what her title is) anyway it is always a highlight to go and hear what she has to say. i think it gives me hope things may eventually calm down.
i am leaving thursday for CKC in philadelphia. i am meeting a bunch of great girls there so i am happy for that. i am driving there though all by my lonesome so that is going to be about boring. mapquest tells me it is 7 hrs. i was thinking of going to get bookso n tape/cd. i may try to get the previous harry potter. i figure i could use the brush up on that before i start on the 7th. book. i did pick the last one up on friday night or saturday morning i should say. i got it at the grocery of all places. i do my shopping after work a lot so the book was right there in the check out so i figured i would pick one up. it is great going to the grocery in the middle of the night, lots of advantages.

the kids have been in swimming the past 3 weeks. they love it, grace is great at it, she breezed through level 1 and is great in level 2. wyatt started out in the pre school class and went about that in his own way. the last day of the session he came running over to me with his certificate that stated he was ready for level 1 he had succesfull completed each phase of preschool. HA funny, i took the paper over to the nice little high school girl teacher & asked “are you sure about this? wyatt? he is ready for level 1? she assured me he can complete all the tasks. So the next monday (the first day of my crazy week) i take him over to line him up with the level 1 big kids. each child is saying their name and age. most of them were 4/5. The lits stands, raises his little hand and says “Wyatt 4 years old” so i had to then tell the teacher he is really only 2. After they did their stretches (which was hylerious trying to watch him follow along) the teacher tells them all they can go to the edge and get in the pool. my boy took a running start and jumped right in there. broke my heart, he is the smallest one, cannot even touch in the “big kid pool” and he has no fear. i sat in the corner where they make the parents sit, layed in a lounge chair watching him just crying cause he is so independent and doesnt need me. broke my heart, i think i need to get a dog or something.

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