this has just been so fun! watching the cavs, lebron, boobie just fun. the kids and i have made 2 trips downtown just so they can get in on everything. many nights for the past 2 years they have watched games with thier dad. they know all the players, the coaches, they even know to look for my friend amanda (she is the pr manager) so these past weeks have been so exciting for them and that has been so cool to watch. tonight the kids & i watched the game together, todd is an actual witness, ok they fell asleep in the 1st quarter, but the pregame was just awesome with them. when the players are announced it is such a proud mom moment when my sweet 2 and 4 year olds know each player…even boobie.

i will post the pictures from downtown tomorrow, such great energy there, but todd took the camera to the game

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  1. Namaste my friend, I was wondering if you taught the kids that fancy footwork you used to do before a foul shot? And I was scrolling your blogs and you mentioned Wyatt being the crabbiest kid ever, well have you forgotten so fast who the crabbiest kid ever really was? hmmmm. You sound well, I am in school full time this summer, I have a fantastic world religion class that i love. Peace, Connie


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