team elsie

here is the self portrait. as anyone would say i assume, i hate to see myself in pictures i always think…this is what i look like, oh that is terrible i am not talking to people or going out again if this is what i look like. this is what i look like all the time now latley. i have started running again, threw some weight training, yoga, and calorie watching in there as well. my friend carissa set me up on a beautiful program. anyway since i am trying to run 6 days a week it seems i never shower anymore and i am always looking like this stinky self portrait. i hate to shower twice a day, just cause i hate to shower so i end up waiting all day to go run, then shower at night when i get finished with the work out. i dry my hair maybe twice a week now, those would be the days i have to go into work and actually be presentable to the miserable drunks.
anyway i want to win some cool love elsie product so again… here is the self portrait. (those of you who have no idea what i am talking about it was a little challenge i did for the love elsie line)
Mothers Day was just about the best day ever. I woke up early with the kids.. we let todd sleep cause he was out at the really cool VFW the night before.. i got the ipod + nike chip for my shoes, so cool. i went for a little run around the circles…drank a big yummy grande nonfat WITH whip mocha from starbucks. (my barista goofed and put the whip on there, so i felt obligated to drink it and not make him make a new one) & then spent the day with the whole family & stacey & gerrys house sitting on there deck drinking wine. seriously does it really get better. we were going to go golfing but genisis came on who wants to golf when we can listen to phil collins sing su-su-sudioooooo. (we are golfing this afternoon instead) the whole day was just awesome, i even won at a game of pig with nancy & stacey. good times…good good times.
gotta go golf now, well i am going to take a shower first.

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