so much to say…

i havent posted in awhile so here goes.

Grace is in preschool, in her class is a boy named cody, her and cody have been wanting to play for sometime, it just hadnt worked out but finally friday i got to make the call. the one where i called the other parent and identified myself as “grace’s mom” i no longer had an identity of my own. i laughed to myself when i said it because it sounded so funny to hear, but nothing made me happier. my kids are the 2 good things i have done in my life so far. before them i was pretty much a screw up (not that i am not still occasionally) BUT they center me and make me a better person each day. i try to do things better just because i want to try to show them the right way as well as make thier world a little better of a place. i know i dont do everything right with them, i am short tempered, get irritated but it gives me something to try to be good at. just like with anything else i am sure i do better at it some days then others. so when identifying myself as “grace’s mom” it made me proud, and proud that i am raising a good little girl, that another little child wants to play with.

which leads me to the next pre school event. muffins with mom, that was tuesday. i got to go to school with grace for an hour, see what she does, eat a muffin, and she made a flower pot for her & i to plant a flower in. she was so sweet, showing me what she likes to play with etc. i always worry about her playing with other kids etc. i grill her each day when she gets in the car about who she played with, what did she do. In the short hour i was there it was amazing because these kids four yrs. old already have broken into “cliques”. certain kids play together, already with certain things, wont let the others play with them. i asked her if she played with one little girl and she responded with “no, she doesnt like me & told me she doesnt want to play with me.” i instantly went into defense mode…i am going to go over to that kid explain to her that she is not worthy to play with my girl, you are talking mean to my sweet little girl…how could you not want to play with her? she is the funniest, cutest thing in this class… what??? how could this be???? i have to fix this. then i turned into sad mode… ahhh they dont like her, she must have to play alone by herself each day, how can i help her make friends. as the hour was ending i realized i am crazy… she is fine, that little kid doesnt not like my sweet little girl. she doesnt even know her she is being a 4 yr. old. i told grace the right parent response about finding friends. what i wanted to say was you tell that little snotty girl, YOU dont want to play with her miserable self you have BETTER friends. but again, my kids make me a better person, help me to do the right thing.
i have so much i need to get done {creating} wise before sunday, mothers day. i have to complete a mini album, two clocks, and a few layouts. this weekend is also an online crop at
2 scrappy chix designs so i would like to get a lot accomplished there. we shall see.

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