where have i been

and why have i not been blogging. i guess there is no “real” excuse. maybe lack of things to say…i will try to improve in this catagory. the kids and i just got back from 2 days in michigan. i taught 2 classes this weekend both saturday & sunday so i had worked hard on those the previous week. so i felt i needed to give them some quality play time and the only way they can be sure i will not work is if we leave the state. i always feel so useless then when for 2 days straight i sit and do nothing. that is how i always feel in michigan. i sit and read the latest people magazine, any past ones i may have somehow missed and drink wine and eat. dont get me wrong, it is nice to do all those things, but when you are used to working in some sort of way it seems like you are accomplishing nothing during those times.
my classes this weekend were fun. we did some baby pages with rub ons. i have been working on a few new pages and been getting caught up in my bps class. that is my goal for today and tomorrow, to be caught up in that. i KNOW i can do this. i just have to. I also painted the foyer last week so i need to find a great shelf for there to put my albums on. i think i know what i want. there is a ladder shelf at target i like a lot. i also have joel on the lookout of an actual ladder i could turn in to a shelf. when it is complete i will post pictures.
my to do list is HUGE today… i have completed 3 items on there so i am off to be productive!

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