The AnyWhere Studio

I never win anything! BUT i got a nice gift in the mail from The AnyWhere Studio!
At CE last year liz was heidi’s assistant in class, she meantioned her studio and i have been following her blog ever since. So a few weeks ago she had people guess what she was so excited about and i guessed right! The AnyWhere Studio was up and running, so she sent me the class for free! It was great to get the whole kit in the mail. Here are some pictures so you can see all the coool stuff in the Board Book Class.
I got so much cool stuff in the kit, and packaged so nice i might add. I have not yet made anything with it yet, i think i am going to save it for something really cool. I plan on purchasing more of her classes though. check out her site, she is talented.

I went skiing this past weekend, so fun, so many fun people, excellent conditions. it was a long day but well worth it. Sunday i had to work all day for the superbowl so today i am trying to catch up. It is freezing here so we have been trying to keep warm. Grace does not have school again tomorrow due to the cold weather, so i think i will be up most of the night since we can just hang out at home tomorrow. I am finishing up projects for my classes for feb.
i will update the site soon for any of you that are in THE {club} with me. You have your first RAK coming soon!

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  1. Liz Eaton has a very cool desk that she creates on – with two really terrific quotes: If not now, when? and Follow Your Bliss. I LURVE her desk. Congrats on winning!


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