2007 has not started off the best. Now 10 days in it is looking a little better. It started on new years eve, we traveled to michigan to hang out with houstons, sagermans, & geigers. half way there leaving ohio we hydroplaned across the turnpike, took out a guard rail, spun into a ravene & totaled our car. everyone was ok thankfully. kids were not even effected. the whole thing has just been a huge irritation though figuring out if we were going to get a new car. yes we are, so what car will i get? still do not know, i DO NOT want to go and buy a car, there is nothing enjoyable about it as far as i am concerned.
then… three days into the new year, wyatt gets a fever. i figure it is whatever from being around 8 kids the weekend before, tylenol, motrin then it will go away. five days later he still has the fever. ok i am not that bad of a parent, the fever was under control with doses of tylenol then motrin 4 hours after. i even went out to buy a real thermometer so i could keep track of it. it read 104 at one point but i figured new thermometer. well, by sunday the fever wasn’t gone, i decided not to give him the motrin so i could see if he had finally beat this flu. Apparently not, i got the call at work, his lips were blue & his fever is really high, so we take him to the rapid rainbow, they forward him along to the er because his temp is 105.7 BAD MOM BAD MOM! the nurse says to me “where has he been?”… “well i had him at the strip joint last night & he probably picked this fever up there from one of the lap dance’s he got!” ok i didn’t say that but WHERE did she think he was, so i answered, nicely… “home”. anyway he had a 2 day stay, meals included, IV fluids, a few grams of antibiotics, a chest x-ray a few pokes with needles, & more then i can count phrases of “Don’t touch me” (i wonder where he got that one?) “Let me go!” “Stop it!” then it would turn pitiful and he would add “please” before each of the phrases. He did learn to use his little iv club arm as a weapon. He would try to club the nurses as they would try to come near him for whatever they would need. Reminded me of myself in the hospital at 5. Speaking of that, my mom can’t get over it. she asks me as wyatt is there, if the reason i don’t want him in the hospital is because she left me alone there one night when i was sick as a child? yes mom that is the reason, it has nothing to do with the fact he is miserable and keeps running for the doors to get out with his little iv pole. it is because you left me that 1 night after you told me you would stay until i fell asleep. Instead you left, i watched the elevator doors close behind you and i proceeded to stay up and call you on the mickey mouse phone every 2 minutes until you got home. THAT is why i wanted him out of the hospital… let it go already.

i am thankful though, i am blessed with healthy children. kids are in hospitals with much worse illnesses, this visit was nothing in the grand scheme of things.

i am now finished with my bad karma, onto the good.
THE {club} is now up and going. REALLY fun page layouts for this month, inking when you start you just can’t stop. the class dates are thursday jan. 25th at Catan’s in Strongsville. Then saturday jan 27th 12pm at lifeworks. I am looking forward to those.
I have BIG plans for the weekend to get pages done. I am going to work sunday & monday on my own projects so i will post them here afterwards. Hopefully i get something accomplished.

I did accomplish a few things in the beginning of this not so good year. After 2 years living in my home i have painted 2 more rooms. that makes a total of 4, 3 of them being in the past 30 days. wyatt’s room is now finished. i painted my room a purple color, then the bathroom downstairs got a really cool coat of an olive green. i think i like that color the best. i do like the purple though, it does make me feel a little happier each time i walk into that room. when the accessories are up i will feel a little better. i got new sheets though. nice white new hotel sheets. i hate my pillow i need to make a new purchase there. i dont sleep well in that room, never really have, i am way more comfy in grace’s inexpensive IKEA bed. Actually i cannot remember a night i had a really good sleep in there… well maybe the night i took 3 mexican muscle relaxors, that was a pretty good sleep.
anyway thank goodness nobody really reads this, i mean who really has gotten this far when i am talking about a terrible pillow.

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  1. Oh sweetie–I’m so sorry ’07 started out like this! And don’t let that nasty nurse get to you–if you’d have brought him in earlier she would have treated you like an over-protective mom. With people like that you simply cannot win!xoxo.


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