lots to say

wow, a lot to blog about. first we went to MI for ian’s 8th b-day. crazy that kid is 8 already, i know everyone one says that can’t believe how time flies, kids get so big blah blah blah, i cannot believe he is 8. so we watched the buckeye game in michigan, pretty fun, probably because they won. then we all danced, well stacey and the kids started the dancing off. first off i never knew stacey was such a phil collins fan (i’m not sure anyone did, even herself) we all had fun dancing to him though.
after the dance party and a good nights sleep, ok maybe not such a good nights sleep, keep in mind i was sleeping with two children. we headed out to Great Wolf Lodge. It was fun, the kids loved it. My kids are nuts in the pool, they really have no fear of the water which i like. Wyatt went down all the slides except for the ones they would not let him. I think some he didn’t want to go down, but after a little push away he went. he did not always end at the bottom of the slide in the same position he started but he had fun. Grace just loved to swim in the big & she loved the fact we were staying over night in our own room. They had a cool story at night in there pj’s but were exahusted by the end of the day.
So for the two previous nights wyatt slept in a big bed, so i figured while he was on that maybe i would try to get him into his own big bed. So for this story i must back up a little. When I took him to the dr.s for his 2 yr. check up the dr. asked me if he was out of the crib. i had to say no, he told me i should really start working on it etc. When i left i thought to myself i can not take him out of the crib…he is my little boy. Oh and also i like the fact he can not just get up on his own i have to go and get him out each morning. that is my favorite time of the day, when i go get him out of his crib in the am and his sweet sleepy smell each time. i am not ready for him to go to a big boy bed. Well i guess i should get ready. The bed has always been there waiting for him in his new room, so i figured i would head to target and get him sheets and a quilt for his big boy bed. Well didn’t he just hop right into it after i got it made telling me “night night mama”
he doesn’t seem to broke up about it huh? i know i need to get over it, i just like him little. when grace was going through all the different stages i look foward to them, i wanted her to smile, crawl, talk, walk. with wyatt i never wanted them to happen i have always wanted to keep him little, well he is little, but keep him a baby. i know, he is 2.
Anyway i waited for him to get out of the bed, ready for him to need me and want me to lay with him or take him back to the crib. it never happened i went into his “new room” 40 minutes later & here he was sleeping with his book up on his face.
i’m sure he will need me tomorrow, but i will be at work & that will break my heart even more.
speaking of work, i got one page layout done tonight. i used the sewing machine. the thing that drives me crazy with that is i cannot get straight lines when using the sewing machine. sometimes that is ok with me but when i have everything in nice straight lines like i perfer it, with the machine i just can not be consistent enough. my classes are filling up, that makes me happy. There is still time to sign up email me! I also am now teaching classes at Pat Catan’s that makes me happy, as long as people actually sign up for the class.
Busy weekend ahead, i hope i get lots accomplished.

I missed bob today of course i miss her everyday but today was particulally worse. i was sorting out my closet & came across the sweatshirt i had on when i brought her home. i picked it up to smell her stinky smell cause i was forgetting that smell and it was gone. that broke me, i sat and cried ( as i am now again). i never washed that sweatshirt, it has just been laying in my closet since that day. no one touches it they just know not to touch any of my bob belongings. i feel terrible i do not remember that stink that used to drive me so crazy. i got the blanket out she slept on trying to find that stink and it was gone off of that also. i miss her, i miss her stinky self so much it hurts my heart.

Thursday is the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving lots to be thankful i suppose.

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