He’s 2!

and that is what he will tell you! Yesterday was his party & boy did we have fun, yea we! i think mom had more fun then him!

I have been working on my BPS class. I was 2 weeks behind but caught up, finally. This week is a self portrait, that is hard for me. Like alot of people i do not like pictures of me, i do not want to look at pictures of me, so therefor it will be VERY hard to scrap me. Maybe i will post it when i finish it, we will see if i like it.

I also need to get started on my CJ album. I am excited for this project so i fully intend to get started with the album cover tomorrow night. I have chosen my theme, MUSIC. I have so many good songs that i just love. i decide when driving tonight, listening to my ipod very loud and singing at the top pf my lungs that was going to be the theme. This is how i work, i get a new song, i then download it and then play the life out of it for the next few weeks, then dont listen to it for awhile. I’m weird like that. Anyway when i get the song i usually love the words so much, think it pertains to me somehow. So i want to know what songs other people feel that way about. That is going to be the CJ. Can’t wait to see the results!

SO my boy josh from staples is redesigning my web site. I cant wait, that is the root of all my problems. i always say i can’t get more done with scrappin to go because i dont have time to update the site. so i am breaking down and having someone else do it for me, and i am sure he will do a much better job. have at it josh!

have a good monday!

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