i have switched,

to eblogger. this is way better then who i was using. it is still free which is a definate bonus, but more features. i have yet to learn how to use these features, but i will learn.

i have had a very busy weekend but have been quite productive. we went to michigan for aidan 1st birthday party, he is super cute. All the kids were there so it is madness but a good madness. It is fun to watch them all play together. Grace had a HUGE breakthrough there. Usually there is fit throwing on her part but she did pretty well. she went to bed awesome, which is always an issue when we are not home. I was just happy with her behavior all around!

Last night i got started on my rolodex cards for CE. Actually this is the second time i got started on them. The first batch i hated so i started over and the second ones are OK. They will do i should say. Now i have started some gifts for the roommates & the teachers. I dont know how far i will get with those. I have so much to do in the next 2 days with work. On top of all the other things i need to get done around my house before i leave my kids for 3 days!
i am going to start packing tonight, i’m sure that will not move along very quickly, i am always packing the morning of.
check back for more-

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